Cohab Canyon Trail
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Cohab Canyon - This is a great hike from the Capitol Reef campground. The first photo shows a map of the hike. My photographs show the section of the trail from the campground to the Fruita Overlook. You can continue the hike across the mesa to the Hickman Bridge parking area or return to the starting point.

This is a fairly easy hike with approximately 400' elevation gain. You climb a bit before entering the canyon. It then levels out only to climb again when you take the turnoff for the Fruita overlook. None of it is very difficult and the rock formations that you will see vary a great deal on this short hike making it one of the more interesting hikes. The views from the overlook are spectacular.

As you can tell from the map, you can take several other hikes from this starting place. In addition to going to the Hickman Bridge trailhead, you can go to the Frying Pan trail and to Cassidy Arch.

As a rock lover, I especially like this trail. In a short distance, you see tall cliffs - many sculpted with interesting nooks and crannies caused by wind, rain and ice. Then there are large black boulders (volcanic) sitting on grey-blue sandstone. And others have what look like designs painted by the master. The photographs tell it best. Because the rock formations here are so interesting, I have an additional section on my webpage that just shows some of the more interesting formations along this hike.