Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
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This park is in southwest Utah near Kenab and is easily reached from Zion National Park. It has beautiful pink dunes . There are no formal hikes as you just wander around the dunes. You can reach the dunes by entering the park itself. There is a campground there and access to dunes but this park is very popular with ATV riders which is I'm sure a lot of fun for them but not so much so for photographers.

There is a section that is set aside where no ATVs are allowed. As you are going south on Sand Dunes Rd, there is a parking area with information signs before you get to the official park entrance. You don't have to pay the park entrance fee if you go in here and it is where most of my photos were taken. As you will see, there are a lot of little critters wandering the dunes and leaving little trails. One is the Coral Pink tiger beetle which is only found here. I was fortunate to find one to photograph.