Devil's Bridge Hike
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Devil's Bridge Trail - This trail can be accessed from two different trailheads. The Dry Creek Trailhead is accessed off Forest Road 152. There is a large parking area and you then hike up the road to the Devil's Bridge Trail. FR152 can be driven if you have a high clearance vehicle. Don't believe you can do it with a regular car as it is a terrible road.

The other trailhead is from the Mescal Trail parking area. To get there, take Dry Creek Rd to Long Canyon Rd. Drive .3 miles to the Mescal parking lot. This is the hike shown in my photos and I think it is more interesting than hiking up the road. It is also a bit shorter at 4.4 miles round trip. From the parking lot, you hike the connector trail for .2 miles and then turn left on Chuck Wagon Trail. Hike for another 1 mile and turn onto the Devil's Bridge Trail. In about .75 mile, you will approach the bridge. The trail splits. The left branch takes you under the bridge while the right branch climbs on some steep stone stairs to the top of the bridge. I recommend you do both as they provide such different views.