Hidden Canyon Hike
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Hidden Canyon - 2.2 miles round trip with 800' elevation gain. Trail begins at the Weeping Rock trailhead and heads pretty much straight up the mountain. Most of the elevation gain is in this stretch of the trail which it shares with trails to Observation Point and East Rim. Trail splits after about a 20 minute climb and the Hidden Canyon hike goes right whereas the others go left. After the split, the trail is fairly level for a short distance and then climbs over a very narrow trail with steep drop offs on you right. They do have large chains available to hold onto in several spots but people with a fear of heights probably don't want to take this trail.

Once you get to the canyon, it levels out again and this is where you see some really amazing formations in the cliff side where it has been sculpted by the wind, rain and ice into all kinds of patterns and beautiful designs. This is called tafoni or honeycomb weathering. You will see many examples in my photos. The path up canyon is blocked fairly soon by large boulders which many people may clamber over and continue up the canyon or you can return the way you came.