Kelso Dunes - Mojave National Preserve
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Kelso Sand Dunes are in the Mohave National Preserve. Turn left off Hwy. 10 east of Barstow onto Kelbaker Rd (Hwy. 127). There is an access road (approximately 3 miles) that takes you to the dunes from Kelbaker.

The dunes cover 45 miles and rise 650 feet at their high point. There is a clear path from the parking lot and it continues to the top of the dunes (about 1 and 1/2 miles). However you can wander to your heart's content. Most of the dunes are the typical sand color. However, there are black patches in many places that emphasize the wind patterns on the sand. I found these the most interesting. The dunes are surrounded by beautiful mountains which provide a nice contrast to the dunes. There were not many flowers in October when I visited this area. Otherwise a nice time to go there as it wasn't really hot.