Little Horse Trail
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Little Horse Trail - This trail is off Hwy. 179 just north of Bell Rock. In fact, you start on Bell Rock Pathway, but look for parking lot signs for Little Horse rather than the main Bell Rock parking area. You hike on Bell Rock Pathway for .3 miles and then intersect with Little Horse Trail. Round trip is about 4 miles to Chicken Point/Twin Buttes and back. You will see the Twin Buttes in many of the photos. There is about 300' elevation gain, mostly right at the end, so this is an easy hike. It also intersects with Chapel Trail before you get to Chicken Point. As an option, you can take it for a 1 mile side trip to the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is shown in one of my photos.

There is a lot of slick rock when you get to the top, with incredible views in all directions. This trail intersects with Broken Arrow Trail which goes north and is also a great trail. If you have someone who can provide a shuttle, I recommend you continue on Broken Arrow Trail and have them pick you up at that trailhead off Morgan Road which is about the same distance as returning to the Little Horse Trailhead and is a beautiful hike.