Little Wildhorse Canyon Hike
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Little Wildhorse Canyon: This hike is located near to Goblin Valley State Park so you get 2 for 1. However, they are very different. There are no goblins but it is a wonderful slot canyon. It is a loop trail connecting to Bell Canyon and is about 8 miles if you do the loop - very little change in elevation. Unfortunately, it was threatening rain when I was there (which is very dangerous in a slot canyon) so I didn't make the loop but returned through Little Wild Horse Canyon. The slot canyon is very narrow but then opens up into a much wider, but beautiful, canyon before transitioning into Bell Canyon. As you are walking through the narrow canyon, be sure to closely observe the canyon walls. There are all sorts of interesting rock formations there - many of which I've captured in my photographs.

Little Wild Horse Canyon is located between the towns of Green River and Hanksville. Following Highway 24 south to mile marker 136 and the signed turn-off to Goblin Valley State Park. Follow the signs to Goblin Valley State Park. The signed turn-off to Little Wild Horse Canyon is located 11 miles from Highway 24 and 2 miles before the Goblin Valley State Park fee station on the west side of the road.

There is a very nice campground at Goblin Valley but it is not very large and you should probably try to get reservations if you want to stay there. Since this is a State Park, they have showers (a nice perk).