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Salt Point State Park

Salt Point State Park is located about 19 miles north of Jenner, California on coast Hwy. 1. The 6,000 acre park offers picnicking, hiking, camping and diving (it has one of California's first underwater parks). It has beautiful cove beaches and rocky shorelines. While there are 6 miles of rugged coastline, what is unique and of most interest to me as a photographer is the fact that there are a lot of sandstone formations along the coast which is not typical of the California coastline.

This sandstone is deeply eroded and pitted. This is called tafoni which refers to a honeycomb-type erosion caused by seasonal wetting and drying of the sandstone. It is quite amazing with very smooth and very pitted areas, and ranges in color from almost white to black with some colors thrown in. My photographs mostly show these areas which I find fascinating.

To reach this area, there is a parking area alongside the highway just south of Stump Beach entrance and a short trail across from it that leads to the beach and these sandstone formations. This is not really a hike - more like a stroll along the coastline.