Upper Antelope Canyon
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Upper Antelope Canyon is a very well known slot canyon located on Navajo land a short distance south of Page, Arizona. To get there, you can take a tour out of Page or you can go directly to it. It is located on Highway 98. You must still take a guided tour and they limit the time you can spend in the canyons. It has become incredibly popular and tends to be very crowded so don't expect to get photos without people in them. Mine were taken in the late 1990s and it would be hard to get shots without people now. It is still worth going because it is so beautiful.

The only light that enters the canyon is from a narrow opening at the top. As the sun moves across the sky, sunlight first hits the top layers of the rock and gradually moves further down into the canyon. Around noon the sun throws beams of light into the canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon is flat and it is an easy walk through it. However, if rain is threatening, you should not go as flash flooding can occur.